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The third part of the studio diary

The third part of the studio diary from the recording session of KING OF EVERYTHING album. A bit of bassism and some of the most prominent bass-lines from the upcoming album \m/

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KING OF EVERYTHING will be released on July 27th 2016

Words of Wisdom is our first video to support the upcoming album entitled KING OF EVERYTHING. Really cool that we can at last share with the other people all over the world a piece of the new music we were composing in the last seven months. We have been planning to film a hardcore style video for a very long time, and finally we got a chance to do so with this song. The message of the song is very close to that rebel atmosphere of a hardcore stage. The song says it's time to awake our sleeping conciousness and break the boundries of the censorship and ignorance.

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About us

The band, called JINJER, was founded in 2009 by 5 guys from a provincial town of Gorlovka 40 km far from Donetsk, Ukraine.

Once at the very beginning of their way in their hometown somebody said behind their backs : Won't go further than local gigs! Only pathos and crabs! Today JINJER are one of the best metal bands in Ukraine with wide popularity both in the motherland, all around Europe, and even overseas.

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